A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Welcome to the Alpha Particle demo!


This game has been the focus of my life for about a year now and it is the first game I have ever made. I hope you enjoy the demo and eventually the full version. In this current version the base mechanics are implemented but there is still plenty more to come.


The game is developed by Bruce Nicou acting as function unknown.

Demo feature

The demo has the complete first station (Antapex station) including the level boss! The first station is essentially the tutorial of the game. The demo also includes 8 levels from the next station (Equinox station).

Minimum specification

At this point the game has not yet been tested on different machines so specs have not yet been set. Any feedback on machine details and performance would be appreciated.


Currently the game supports keyboard and game pad inputs. Gamepad is highly recommended as it features 360 degree movement and vibration witch the keyboard does not. 

Future developments

The game is being developed in a freeform manner meaning features get implemented into the game that feels right at the time rather than having it all planned out from the start. This means it is a little hard to say exactly what is coming or going to happen. However there is a list of things that I would like to implement but not everything on the list will be used necessarily.

The list (Not all items may be implemented ):

-Power ups

-A shop

-Enemy bios

-A story 

-Secret items, areas and levels

-More enemies and bosses (definite)

Please help!

This is the very first version and the game is still in development. Bugs are likely to pop up and the more you report these bugs the more it will be likely the bugs will be fixed. I would like to know how the game performs on different machine specs as well.


Facebook: www.fb.com\aparticle


Any correspondence can be done directly from this page via a post, the facebook page or by email.



Alpha particle Demo.exe 274 MB

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